For more information please email or call:

Florian Vorreiter Lutherie
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 1Y3, Canada
+1 (204) 869-0607

Please leave a message if there is no answer, so that you can be called back as soon as possible. Thank you.


If you are from the press and would like me to share promotional materials with you, please click on this link so that I can share my files with your Dropbox.


The Florian Vorreiter Lutherie main website can be considered the main hub where you can find  out everything about completed restoration work, the store location and much more.

The Fusion Guitar Project – Crossing boundaries and exploring instrument making way beyond the limitations of convention.

The Torres Guitar Replica and 3D-CT Research Project – Using modern technology to research valuable historical guitars and putting the findings to use in making replicas.

In the near future, a second edition of the Storyteller Guitar Project will begin. When the project launches, it will be published here.

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